Attention all moms!

Posted on 02. Apr, 2007 by in Miscellaneous

Ok, so I started just LOOKING at all the baby stuff, and WOW, it’s really overwhelming. I can read reviews and look at must-have lists, but I would really like to solicit the opinions of my friends. I know many of you have done the research and have the experience to say–you have to have….. or this stroller is the best because….

So please friends, take a few minutes and really think about what things you just loved and wouldn’t want to be without, and then what things that you bought and never needed. I would greatly appreciate all your input!


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3 Responses to “Attention all moms!”

  1. mommy zabs

    03. Apr, 2007

    on strollers my big advise (though i’m sure some disagree) is don’t do the whole graco travel system thing. Just get the frame that you can click your carrier/car seat into and then when baby is old enough buy a stroller that you really want and will suit many flexible needs.

    for umbrella strollers I love mclaren (caroline turned me onto these). And really once they are 6 months you can use this often. For something that is bigger with more storage there are lots of good options, but all my favorites are $ 🙂 I love the peg perego and I know leta has it so she could tell you more.

    A good review site is

    there are so many options out there these days. many stylish options outside the typical stuff. It’s fun, but yes overwhelming and unfortunately to some extent you won’t fine what you personally like best until you are figuring it out yourself 🙂 Since everyone has different priorities. Since I have 2 little ones (which you may too???) i really appreciate light weight, flexible, simple. I’m not really a big storage person and tend to carry only what I really am going to need. There is just too much to carry for me!

    Anyway, so hard to say it all in a blog post 🙂

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  2. loving my life

    03. Apr, 2007

    When Josh was a newborn I had trouble with him peeing all over the changing table and then having to change the sheet so I bought the disposable diaper changing pads from Target and I started laying those down first. This way when a mess occurs you can just throw it away and out a new one down.

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  3. Zalyndia

    15. Apr, 2007

    Oh so many gadgets…I loved the pack-n-play. We used it for a crib for a long time and a changing table (ended up never buying a changing table). We also loved the playyard from (still have it so you can use it when you come to Texas!!!) Irelyn loved her bouncey seat and johnny jump (you hang it in the doorway). If we were doing it over I wouldn’t have used a highchair just a booster w/tray at the table. One big thing – get a really good rocking chair!!! I could go on and on so just email me if you have anyother questions (

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