Bringing in the New Year

Posted on 31. Dec, 2005 by in Miscellaneous

As I look back at this past year, so much has happened. I know myself well enough that if I don’t purposely allow myself the grieving process, that I will let life get busy and just keep going. So I plan to give myself this weekend to do just that. Not that I can put a deadline on the process, but just giving the process time is important.

I’m so excited about the new year, 2006. I truly believe that it will be the year that my promise is fulfilled. God is so amazing. Within the past 2 days, I have had two different friends from college contact me, and I haven’t talked to either of them in years. They both were just thinking about me and decided to find out how I was doing. It reminds me that when I’m thinking about someone, that it’s probably not just me, but that God has placed them on my mind for a reason.

Something fun and random-my parents-in-laws gave me money for Christmas and at first I didn’t know what to do with it. I started thinking about what I would enjoy having that I wouldn’t necessarily go buy myself. Then I thought about my china set. I have always been one to enjoy setting a nice table, so over the years I’ve tried to slowly complete my collection. I drove down to the Lenox outlet store, only to find they were going out of business-which means major markdowns. I was able to get everything to complete a 12-piece place setting and the gravy boat as a bonus for very reasonable prices.

Today is the day of taking down Christmas. This is always sad for me, because I love Christmas so much, and I love how festive the house feels when it’s decorated. One thing I’m learning though, is it will be here again before you know it.

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