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the craziness of life

Posted on 25. Apr, 2007 by .


Yesterday I had one of those days where the world seemed completely overwhelming. So today I slowed down and spent some time with the Lord which is what I needed for the world to seem more manageable. So you may wonder what seems so overwhelming in my life right now? Let’s see where do I […]

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Posted on 07. Apr, 2007 by .


Our ‘itsa’ party was a success! The weather was a bit cold, but we braved the snow flurries and still had our egg hunt. Friends and family came and were given instructions to find all the eggs, and then come in to open them together. It didn’t take long to find the 9 dozen plastic […]

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Attention all moms!

Posted on 02. Apr, 2007 by .


Ok, so I started just LOOKING at all the baby stuff, and WOW, it’s really overwhelming. I can read reviews and look at must-have lists, but I would really like to solicit the opinions of my friends. I know many of you have done the research and have the experience to say–you have to have….. […]

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