This morning we were able to see our little girl once again via ultrasound. She is doing perfectly! She currently weighs 2 pounds and 14 ounces. Her femur bone (from hip to knee) is 2 inches long. We are officially in the third trimester now. It looks like she we will get to see her sooner than we thought. We were able to get another ultrasound because last time the placenta was covering a portion of the cervix (aka placenta previa). We were hoping that after a few more weeks it would have grown out of the way. Unfortunately, it hasn’t, and the doctor wasn’t very optimistic that it would any time soon. So what does this mean? a planned C-section. Basically, they don’t want me to go into labor because of the risk, and if I do it would mean an emergency C-section. They would probably plan it around 37-38 weeks, which puts us around the first week of August.

At first I was disappointed, but I know that it is only my expectations of having a “normal” delivery. As long as my baby girl is healthy, then I am happy. After going through all of this infertility, I have long since given up the ideal of “natural” and “normal”. Thankfully, I am well aware of the risks and the benefits of C-section, so I’m choosing to focus on the benefits (and there are some). I would much prefer to know that I’m having a c-section, than to go into labor and still end up with one. I hear that labor is overrated anyway.

Then I got home and did a little more research, all to find that I’m basically one step away from bedrest. No more traveling, no more exercising, and no more heavy housework (not that I did a lot of that anyway 🙂 Now my biggest concern is keeping her in there as long as possible. As for prayer requests, please pray that there won’t be any bleeding, if so then I end up in the hospital and end up on bedrest, but most of all pray that our little girl continues to grow and develop just the way she is supposed to and at least makes it to 36 weeks.

The best news though, is I thought it would be at least 12 weeks before I would see her beautiful face, and not it’s only going to be 9-10. Wow! It will be here before we know it!