Well….we will see.  When my husband told me that my blog was gone, I was surprised  how devastating that felt.  I guess my blog has been a pretty good friend, and over time I took it for granted. Thankfully, we figured out a way to recover the content, but all the comments are gone.  So it was a good time to start fresh…a new domain and thanks to my wonderfully creative husband a new design!

Several times I’ve tried to define the relationship with my blog.  Will I be a nurse blog? Maybe a mommy blog?  Should I review products?  In the end, I realize that I’m no MckMama, or Pioneer Woman, or Bring the Rain, or NieNie—(all blogs that I’ve been inspired by in more ways than one), but all I am is me. It’s that simple.  I’ve worried far too long about who is reading this, trying to get people to read this, or what people really think about it.   Ironically, it’s similar to real life–the desire to be popular, understood, and known often taint the true version of ourselves.   I make no promises about the direction or the frequency of this blog, but I promise this–my blog will be a reflection of me.  So here’s to new beginnings!