At six years old,  I vividly remember walking out of the mall and seeing leaves on the tree for the first time.  It was only through my new glasses that I could see this distinction, before that it was all just a blur.  At nine years, I was given the choice of getting bi-focals or wearing contacts.  Hmmmm…be the fourth grader with bi-focals or get to tell all my friends that I got contacts?  The choice was easy.  I’ve been wearing contacts since…almost everyday of my life for the past 24 years.  I need them to have clarity and to see distinction.

Today the Lord has gently reminded me that my vision has become a bit blurry again.  This time it’s not my physical eyes, but my spiritual eyes.  You know when you focus your eyes on one thing too long, your peripheral visions blurs? Well that is kind of what has happened to me.

Three separate situations came across my path today, and they each made me look outside my own little world.  The first was a conversation I had with my doctor.  We were talking about medical missions trips, and just how challenging it is to come back to America after witnessing such patience, joy, and gratitude amongst such difficult conditions.  It was a reminder to me that my call to the needy is not complete. Secondly, someone posted a comment about being speechless after watching a late night show.  Of course, curiosity set in and I watched it.  Beyond mere confusion, I was reminded of how our culture has become increasingly comfortable with worldly pleasure.  The third situation  is a friend of mine going through a difficult situation.  I feel so powerless to help her.  I want to take away the pain and uncertainty she is facing, but all I can truly offer are my prayers and words of encouragement.

All of these situations challenged me to see differently today, and to look beyond my own little world to see the struggles that surround me.  I confess.  I, too often and too quickly,  get caught up in my own world.  I see what I want to see.  But everyday God gives me opportunities to widen my focus and see more clearly.

Ironically, I’m finally getting to fulfill a dream of having my physical eyes fixed so that I no longer need contacts and glasses.  (Yay for the technological advances of Lasik)!  I’m giddy about the idea of actually being able to see the clock in the middle of the night.  Unfortunately, it is only a physical fix.  Just as I’ve grown accustomed to depending on my contacts for visual accuracy, I want to become dependent on God for spiritual clarity.  I want to change the way I see.