This week has been exceptionally challenging.  My husband has been out of town, my grandpa was admitted into the hospital, and financially we had a wake up call that no one likes to get. I was feeling kind of down yesterday, so this morning I knew things needed to change.  I started the day asking the Lord to help change my perspective.  I was going to choose to be thankful and find the good things in life, instead of focusing on the negative. I realized that the heaviness that I was feeling was as heavy as I wanted it to be.  The word says that His burden is light, so it’s up to me to release the heaviness and let Him carry it.  If I’m feeling the weight of the world, then it’s not because God put it there.

I love it when God sends reminders of His promises. One of the disadvantages of having your kids so close, is that you can’t just use the crib you had for the first.  I picked out a crib for this baby, which by the way is a little more masculine then Savannah’s.  I found one that I liked at a specialty store, but of course it was so expensive. Then I found one at Babies R Us, that looked almost the same as the expensive one.  It’s the Jardine Claremont black crib-I liked that it will be a bed that will truly grow with him.  The pricetag was still more than I wanted to spend, so I had determined that if we couldn’t get it, then I would buy a used crib and paint it black. Today, as I was creeping through my muck and looking for the silver lining, I decided to check out craiglist.  A woman had just listed the exact crib that I was wanting, for $150 less than it sells for right now.  On top of all that, it is brand new and still in the box.  I instantly contacted the lady and found out that she had a recalled crib (that she no longer needed) and was given a voucher for a crib at Babies R’Us.  She went to the store and picked this crib out, and figured she would make a little money and help someone get a crib for a bit cheaper.  She purchased the crib, but the store didn’t have any in stock, so she hasn’t even picked it up at the store yet.  I am getting the crib that I want for almost 1/2 the cost, and I don’t have to worry about the challenges of getting a used crib.

All this to say, it’s not about the crib, but the Lord was telling me how He truly is taking care of things.  No it didn’t solve all my problems, but it was a reminder that all the solutions to my problems can be found in Him.