This past Friday, before the day had truly gotten underway, I learned 2 lessons.  In hopes of others not having to learn the same lessons, I thought I would share.

First of all, diapers do have a capacity limit.  I knew this must be true, but I didn’t really know where that marker was.  Surprisingly, we haven’t had any wet diaper leaks.  (Don’t worry, we had our share of nursing blowouts).  When Savannah wakes up, it takes her a little while to embrace the day.  If we go to change her diaper immediately upon awakening, it usually isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone.  So we have gotten in the habit of waking, then cup of milk with some cuddle time, then diaper change. On Friday, our routine was no different. After cuddle time, I sat her down to let the dogs out.  When I came back and picked her up,  I found her literally sitting in a puddle.  This was not a ‘leak’, this was a diaper that had hit max capacity and was overflowing through and through. Needless to say, from now on, I think we will be a bit quicker to get to that morning diaper change.

This week I found a yoga class at the gym that I liked.  I decided that we would hit the gym before mom’s group.  I drop Savannah off at her class.  She loves her teacher by the way.  She actually reached for her when we walked up to the door.  I head to my class, walk in, and notice that instead of yoga mats, everyone is setting up for step class.  I step out and look at the schedule posted on the wall.  I had mis-read the schedule, and the class I was wanting to go to was not on Friday’s.  No big deal,  I’ll just take a step class, except…..I have flip flops on. Then I think, well, I could walk on the treadmill…no, not in flip flops.  I could?????? Ahhhh, do upper body lifting.  So instead of my greatly anticipated yoga class, I lifted weights in my flip flops.  I’m pretty sure that I was the only one in the gym wearing flip flops. I’m sure some people noticed, but thankfully, I’m getting better and better about not caring what or how I look in the gym. The lesson here is….even if you are going to yoga class, go ahead and wear your tennis shoes (just in case).