So yesterday I job shadowed with my infertility specialist-and it went exceptionally well! From the beginning the doctor introduced me to the patients as “our new nurse practitioner”. They want me to manage the nursing staff, and then after training I will get to manage patient care including procedures. It sounds like its going to be a great combination of my skills-clinical and managerial. We worked out a schedule-Work Monday, Tuesday OFF Wednesday, Work Thursday, HALF day on Friday-it’s a little more than part-time, but I will have a little more free time during the week. Is that not the perfect schedule? They asked when I could start-and I decided to take a little time off-so I said February 15. I’m just waiting for their official offer-salary etc., but it sounds like it’s going to be a for sure thing. So I’m very excited, a little overwhelmed as I look at the learning curve ahead, but feeling truly blessed that yet again God provides better than I could have ever imagined.