Started Clomid 100 mg D3-D7

Good news! My doctor did a trial transfer-and he got through!!! This means that I hopefully won’t have to have my cervix dilated for the real insemination. Since last time’s disappointment, I have been praying that since God can part the Red Sea, then He sure can part my cervix. And it looks like He did!! So now we take the hormones–which unfortunately make me have hot flashes and gain weight. But right now, I’m willing to do just about anything for this baby. One thing that walking through this process has given me is this overwhelming love for a child that hasn’t even been conceived yet. Even if it’s not our genetic child, I still have this deep desire to hold my baby. If I think about it too long it brings me to tears. So onto something else…

I got a job offer today from my infertility doctor–hmmmm? I guess it’s something to think and pray about. I’m always open to God’s possibilities.

My family is coming into town tomorrow night, and I am so excited about seeing them. It has been a while since we have all been together, and a really long time since both of our parents are together, so it will be a weekend of pure fun!