Day 5 started out with a roar-I went to work my half day and all of the sudden everyone decided they needed to be seen. Usually I see 8-11 patients in a morning-I saw 15 yesterday! Needless to say-it was extremely busy.

I then came home and prepared for my husband’s not-so surprise 30th birthday party. Everything worked out perfectly. Sometimes when I plan an event, I have certain unspoken expectations that often aren’t met, but this time they were met. I wanted everything to be perfect for his 30th birthday-and the evening was exactly what I had expected!

Because he found out about the party, it made planning it so much easier. I think it was God’s way of lightening the load for me. Oh and he found out because of a number of things- 1st he was looking around my office for some paperwork of his, and found my invite list. Then he was going to ask for a half day off on Friday to spend with my parents, and I told him that he needed to reserve those requests for our upcoming doctor’s appointments. After my huge breakdown, he caught me at a very weak moment and just asked “Are you planning a party on Friday?” I was in shock, I didn’t even answer. I knew then that he knew. What’s the point of throwing a surprise party if it’s no longer a surprise. So after a few tears, I realized that it was probably better that he knew.

Day 6
So today it is official-I’m married to a 30 year old man. Hee-Hee 🙂
Happy Birthday baby! I love you so much, and I hope that on day’s like today you know how very loved and appreciated you are by everyone around you. I’m glad I will be around for the next 30.

Baby talk- Still taking Clomid 100 mg and prenatal vitamins–and just waiting for my follow-up ultrasound on day 10 to see if my ovaries have responded to the medication.