So this baby isn’t even here yet, but I want to be prepared for his arrival. Because the kiddos will only be 18 months apart, then I know that a double stroller is imperative! It’s one thing to feel like you can’t get out and about, but it’s another thing if you actually can’t get out.  Anytime I buy something, I like to do really research my decision. I’m not one for spontaneous large purchases.  Let’s just say that I’ve researched just about every double stroller out there, and my conclusion is….there is no perfect double stroller.

I’ve talked to every mom I know to get their opinions.  They all like different things.  Through talking to moms I found that you need different strollers for different things.  There are tandem strollers (kids are seated one in front and one in back).  Tandem strollers are ideal for getting around in places with narrow aisles (most stores/malls).  I found that it’s typically a tandem stroller that has the capability to latch a carseat into. Then there are side-by-side strollers, which allow both children to sit next to each other, giving them each a good view of what’s going on.  Side-by-side strollers are ideal for travel, the zoo, the park etc.  There are a few side by side strollers that have the option of snapping in the carseat.  However, I found that most of them are brand specific–peg perego has a great twin aria but only uses peg perego carseats, same thing goes for combi. There are a couple of high end strollers that will accomodate different brands of carseats.  However, be prepared to pay a pretty penny.  After looking at all the reviews and talking to moms, I’ve decided that ‘used’ is best for me.

This past week I’ve struck two good deals.  I bought a Graco duo glider stroller at a garage sale for $15.  It’s a tandem stroller that will accomodate the Graco carseat that I already have.  Then on Craigslist I found a Maclaren Techno Twin for a third of the price!  It’s a lightweight, side by side stroller that will be good for the long haul.

When considering double strollers, be sure to consider weight (some of them are almost 50 pounds), maneuverability, and of course price.  Each stroller has it’s pros and cons, so I realized that it would be best for me to have options at an affordable price.  That is why I opted to go for a couple of used strollers instead of saving up for one brand new stroller. Although I would still love to have a Phil and Ted’s.  It’s a tandem stroller that gets rave reviews, but it’s a bit pricey.  You never know though, maybe I’ll find a good deal somewhere! When we were in D.C., Kyle made fun of me for looking at everybody’s strollers.  I simply replied, “You look at cars, and I look at strollers”.  He didn’t make fun of me anymore after that.