I woke up this morning and after fixing my hair the way I usually do, it’s not too bad. Kyle and friends at work actually like it. It has more tones to it-a little bit of blonde, a bit of red, and a little bit of my natural. It kind of gives me that sunkissed look-which come to think of it, now is the time to look sunkissed even if my skin is still white as a ghost. I’ve been wearing my hair curly since the beginning of February, and it has cut down my get ready time by at least 15 minutes. Growing up I always wanted curly hair, and even tried the spiral perms. That was a horrible idea! The perm took on about half of my hair-needless to say it is definitely my worst school picture. Fast forward to now-there are great products and the curly hair look doesnt’ require beautiful spiral curls-a nice messy wave look actually passes. So one day I went to Target and bought curly hair products and a diffuser-and came up with my present style. Everyone seemed to like it and it’s much easier-so for now curly hair will be my do. Regarding the bronze orange tint to my hair, again I think it just takes time getting used to something different. For all my friends that don’t get to see me on a day to day basis-I’ll try to post some pics.