Our ‘itsa’ party was a success! The weather was a bit cold, but we braved the snow flurries and still had our egg hunt. Friends and family came and were given instructions to find all the eggs, and then come in to open them together. It didn’t take long to find the 9 dozen plastic eggs hidden in my parent’s backyard. I think the cold was great incentive! We came back in, and everyone started opening up their eggs to see if they had the prize. Immediately, our friend Jim opened the pearly pink egg and found the message. He graciously handed it to my mom saying “I think you may want this.” My mom read it and then shouted it to the crowd “It’s a girl!” The whole room erupted in excitement. I hugged my mom as she cried with joy. Unfortunately, in the midst of excitement I accidentally turned the video off on my camera. But the moment will forever be etched in my memory. We then enjoyed a great brunch that included ham rolls, potato salad, fruit salad, and yum-yum cake (a Kitchell family favorite)! Thanks to all for making this moment memorable and exciting!