Everyday Savannah wakes up, and immediately her first request is for her cup of milk. We literally come down the stairs and both hands are going crazy with the sign for milk. I have the milk prepared, so that when we sit down on the couch it’s ready. She has been using the Nuby sippy cups, which have been great. Until….she figured out how to turn them upside down, apply pressure, and make all the liquid come out. After getting tired of finding puddles, I opted to find another sippy solution. I’ve had many friends that have loved the insulated playtex cups. Every time I had considered trying them, I couldn’t find BPA free ones. Thankfully, Walmart had what I needed–Playtex, BPA free, insulated sippy cups. Of course they say no-spill, but what sippy cup doesn’t claim that. “Claim” being the operative word there, considering I’ve invested into quite a few sippy cups that can’t keep up to that declaration.

The next morning Kyle got her up for the morning and offered her milk in her new sippy cup. She then began throwing a fit. He figured out that the previous sippy cups were see through, and she could see that it was milk. After opening the new, non-see through cup, he showed her that it was, in fact, milk. After she was given visual proof of the milk, she took to the new cup instantly.

Later in conversation about life, Kyle and I, realized just how often we do that with God. We ask for something that we really want, and when the Lord offers it to us, it usually looks differently than we expected, wanted, or are even used to. Why does it take us so long to trust that what is being offered, is in fact, what we need and ultimately want? I would hate to see what my mental fits look like to my Heavenly Father.