Savannah’s made it 14 months and 6 days without any injuries (that’s how old she is).  Today we drove out to Spring Hill for a playdate with Savannah’s friend from church, Delaney.  The girls are only a month apart, so they have a lot in common.  They get to play together at the nursery at church, so I knew they would enjoy spending time together just the two of them.  We first went to Applebee’s and enjoyed some yummy lunch. Then we headed back to their house for playtime.  The girls did great together.  There were only a few times that we had to intervene and remind the girls of the value of sharing.  Delaney has definitely mastered walking a bit better than Savannah, but it was fun to see Savannah be challenged by her peer.  It was nearing the end of our time, mostly because naptime was already past due.  Then I heard the thump and simultenously saw my little girl fall towards the table.  I knew that this wasn’t just a little fall, so I quickly scooped her up in my arms.  Then came the cry that I have yet to hear before, and as she began screaming I could see the blood in her mouth.  She had bit her tongue!  The medical part of me immediately kicked in.  I needed to see how bad it was.  Would she need stitches?  Should I throw her in the car and head to the ER? I need to stop the bleeding.  I asked my friend for a cold, wet paper towel.  Then she grabbed her sippy cup and filled it with some ice water.  By the time the ice water arrived, Savannah had calmed down.  I had seen the cut, and it appeared pretty superficial.  Although from the amount of blood that was now all over me and Savannah, you wouldn’t have known it was that small. The bleeding subsided, and the tears dried up.  We headed home, and within minutes she was asleep. The crisis was over!  I then had to call my husband and emotionally vent.  Considering everything, I think we’ve done remarkably well to have made it this long without any injuries.  For our first incident, it was pretty minor and resolved itself quickly. It was bound to happen sometime!