This election I’ve tried to look at both candidates….candidly.  To be honest I wasn’t thrilled about either one, so I needed more information before making my decision.

I watched the Saddleback civic forum with both candidates given the same questions.  This is my kind of information because it’s truly “out of the horse’s mouth”.  I must say that McCain answered the questions directly and it showed his character in a way that I admired.  Obama surprisingly fumbled and gave many vague answers, and I didn’t feel like I was given a glimpse of who he was as a person.

I try to look at all the issues and not harp on just one issue.  However, the issue of abortion is near and dear to me.  I believe that life begins at conception, and with the help of technological advances infants are considered viable earlier and earlier.  Because our country has valued a woman’s choice over a child’s life, we have created a culture that allows a woman to kill her baby because she doesn’t want it.  If you take two babies of the same gestational age, one could be born and life saving measures be given and the other could literally be put in a trashbag left to die.  So how do we decide which baby lives and which baby dies?  Oh we let the mom who doesn’t want a baby decide.

A friend of mine, MommyZabs, has a great post about Obama and also has videos to support it.  I encourage you to watch it.  Make your own decision.  Do we really want someone to lead our country who wants to let living babies die in trashcans?