This past weekend I was reminded of the human need to experience unconditional love. Can you imagine if you had never experienced it from another person? If your own parents didn’t express unconditional love and acceptance, and then as you get older nobody ever challenged your warped idea of love.

It amazes me how far a little love really does go. When Jesus says, “love one another”, he not only gave us a command but he gave us the answer. The answer to all of our hurts and fears is love. I am being challenged to reconsider how I love. Do I love only those that I know and love me in return? When is the last time that I have extended sacrificial love to someone with no guarantee as to how they would respond? Loving my husband, friends, and family is easy, but how about a complete stranger? I’m finding that loving a stranger is easy too, all it takes is me to open up my heart and allow God to love that person. To love someone whom I don’t know and haven’t even met is foreign to my flesh, but it feels like home to my soul. I know that God’s love can move mountains, I guess sometimes I forget that He actually wants to use me to move a mountain or two.