1. What is your main source of news? Internet? T.V.? Newspaper? Do you care?
mostly television, then a little internet. I do care, but should probably care a little more. My tolerance for local news is on the low side. I find they often ask silly questions to people who don’t really have an opinion. It also bothers me that the day someone loses a family member that the local news is sticking a microphone in their face asking them how they feel. Well, how do you think they feel? Sorry for the tangent, it’s just my opinion.

2. Do you listen to music? a certain kind? All time favorites?
YES I listen to music! I really enjoy music. I have always loved an eclectic variety from classical to rock. Currently I love worship music, and artists like Corrine Bailey Rae, Michael Buble, the Fray, you get the idea.

3. Do you have myspace or facebook?
I have both, but haven’t really gotten into facebook yet. I initially got into Myspace in an effort to communicate with Britt’Knee, but have found it to be a great way to keep up with distant friends.

4. Is your interent dial up, cable, DSL? Wireless, Laptop, Desktop? Mac? PC?
Cable, wireless, mac laptop

5. Do you have an ipod? Other MP3 player.
Yes, funny story. Christmas before last, Kyle really wanted a video ipod. So being the thoughtful wife, I bought him one (early because I didn’t want them to be out) and even had it engraved. At the time, Kyle was working at Relevant and the staff had a door decorating competition themed Christmas movies, and the prize was a video ipod. Of course, Kyle didn’t know that he already had one, so he was pretty enthusiastic about decorating the door and really trying to win. I had to be enthusiastic too, because I didn’t want him to suspect that he already had one. We went all out and worked very hard to hopefully win. Everyone at Relevant is pretty creative, so I thought that our chances weren’t that great. Needless to say, he won the door contest. We went home and I handed him his Christmas gift, he was so suprised! In the end, I won-so all our hard work was still worth it.

I love my ipod-listen to it in the car, on walks, in the house. I love having all my music easily accessible to me.

6. Are you addicted to the internet? How long are you on? What are you on for? work? social? research? news? all?
I am not addicted to the internet. Although recently I have spent more time on it then I used to. I don’t really even know how long I’m usually on. I mostly use it to keep up with blogs, shopping, the occasional research when I’m interested in something.