Well today we woke up early and went for a more thorough ultrasound at the hospital. The ultrasound technician thought she saw something near the right ovary, and was concerned that it may be an ectopic pregnancy, aka “tubal”. So we went to the fetal diagnostic center and the radiologist himself did another ultrasound.

It’s funny how your prayers change so quickly. One minute I’m praying for a miracle, then the next minute I’m praying that my fallopian tubes are saved.

Good news-there is no tubal pregnancy… Bad news-the radiologist confirmed that there was 0% chance for this pregnancy. Seeing that in the past week there has been no change is the confirmation that I needed. So my infertility specialist scheduled me for surgery at 1pm today.

Again I was reminded of the previous waiting room phrase, I literally spent all morning in a waiting room. I thought that I would be extremely nervous, but I wasn’t. I totally felt at peace and the grace was more than enough.

The nurses and doctors were all amazing. The actual surgery is a breeze for me. Breathe deep, breathe deep… and the next thing you know they are telling you to wake up. I woke up crying, not because I was in any pain, but because I knew that it really was over.

I have to take it easy for the next couple of days, and my husband is being a wonderfully attentive caretaker. Surprisingly enough, so far I’ve not had any pain or cramping. Again God’s grace is sufficient.

Thank you to all who have made this journey with us. Your prayers and support are a lifeline to us.