Today is a good day! We went in for the intrauterine insemination, and at first the nurse couldn’t get through the cervix. Then the doctor tried and he was having trouble. As the doctor is shaking his head not knowing what to do, I tell Kyle “the Red Sea parted”, and my doctor asks what I said. I tell him “I was hoping that if God could part the Red Sea then He could part my cervix!” Just as I said that, he got the catheter through.

Another recent confirmation of the promise God has given-Last week I was feeling kind of frustrated so I decided to listen to the Bible on the Ipod. Without thinking, I randomly chose 1 Samuel. As I listened to Hannah’s story of God opening her womb, I was reminded that just as God gave Hannah her son Samuel, God was going to give me my child. It was a great moment of remembering the promise. I know without a doubt that God is going to give me children. Some women in my situation question whether or not they are supposed to be a mother. I know I’m supposed to be a mother, it’s just a matter of timing.

My mom told me today that my Aunt Carole woke up last night and felt like our pregnancy was going to be the family’s Christmas gift. She didn’t even know we were doing the insemination today.

God is so faithful to remind us of His promise through the process. I’m extremely excited and hopeful that we are pregnant. Honestly, there is a part of me that is scared to even say that, but I really want to take a step of faith and truly believe that God is going to fulfill His promise.