This whole process is such a waiting game.
Day 10 Ultrasound to see if I am responding to the Clomid. Unfortunately, the follicles aren’t as big as we would like. So we wait and repeat the ultrasound in two days.

Day 11 Charysse had her surgery-It was so hard not being there. As a nurse, I always feel inclined to be the nurse when a family member is sick, especially hospitalized. Although I think my husband would disagree. When he is sick, he thinks that I minimize his symptoms. It’s not that I don’t care, when you see sick people all day, it’s sometimes hard to feel overly compassionate, but I’m trying.

Day 12 Repeat ultrasound
Unfortunately, the follicles are still not as big as we would like. So we wait until Monday for another ultrasound. Basically we want the most ideal environment, and hopefully we will get it. So I start checking for my LH surge everyday to see if I’m ovulating, and again wait. Oh and he put me on estrogen to help encourage my endometrium. I’ve always been concerned that that might be a contributing factor. Even though I have yet to find any literature supporting this, it just doesn’t seem normal to have periods that only last 24-48 hours. Although it is nice, I don’t think it is helping my cause.

Day 13
Garage sale today
Some of the Relevant gang came to scout out the neighborhood. Kyle and I put out our stuff at 7:30 and by 11:30 we were loading it up to Goodwill. At some point you realize that it just isn’t worth your time to sit out there and hope that maybe somebody would give you a few dollars for your already unwanted items. So ironically its a combination of generosity and selfishness that sets in. Selfish side says I have better things to do, generous side says Goodwill can use this stuff.

Day 14 church day
Our Sunday’s are always full-but it’s a full that is good. I get to spend the whole day with my husband, and we get to hang out with friends. The saddest part though is that I had to say goodbye to our sweet friends the Jacksons. Elizabeth has been such a good friend to me, and I’m going to miss our long talks. And I’m really going to miss that Owen guy-that smile and laugh just makes you melt. He is going to grow up so fast, and I hate that I won’t be around to see it.
On another note-we have asked our cell groups to partner with us in prayer these next few weeks and believe that this baby is going to be conceived this time. The support of my friends and family is sometimes overwhelming. I sometimes don’t know how to respond to the generous support and encouragement, but it’s always helpful.

Day 15 LH surge
Woke up this morning to find those two lines exactly the same meaning I will ovulate within the next 24-36 hours. So I called my doctor and told him “it’s time”. Now I get to skip the ultrasound today, and go tomorrow for the artificial insemination. I’m really hoping that there will be no problems, that my cervix would be open and it would be painfree. I gave myself the HCG shot this morning, which tells my body to go ahead and release the egg. It’s really weird giving yourself a shot. It makes me a little more compassionate for my diabetic patients.