Day 8
Well today has been so busy at work, and I am tired. I woke up early (4:45 early) to take my parents to the airport, so it’s been a long day. We had cell group tonight, and I must admit my expectations and anticipation level were very low. Then my wonderful husband had a really good word about being a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:8 “His grace abound toward you”. It was a great reminder of how God gives us an abundant grace for everything we are called to do. We have hope!!

Then Kyle wanted to share with everyone our process this month and asked everyone to agree with us in prayer. I don’t mind people knowing, but all the questions just makes it harder somehow. That’s why blogging will be good,-because then I won’t have to recap over and over my feelings of disappointment-but you better believe that if it’s not disappointing I will probably be screaming it from the mountaintops.

Day 9
This morning I was reminded of a curse that was spoken over me that needed to be broken. As I was checking out of my doctor’s office last week, the receptionist who takes care of billing said to me, “well, I might as well start an in vitro file for you” as if she knew that artificial insemination wouldn’t work. So in the name of Jesus I declare that I don’t need an in vitro file-that this is going to work this time.

Tomorrow I go for another ultrasound to see if my ovaries produced follicles. If so, then everything is a go!