Well for those of you who knew, we did IVF for the first time. Unfortunately today we found out that we were unsuccessful. It is extremely disappointing, but nothing like the miscarriages. I have endured daily shots since July 6, sometimes three times a day, (thankfully, Kyle was pretty good with the IM injections) a surgery with anesthesia, a transfer (I had no idea that Valium would make you feel so loopy), and three days of bedrest. All to find out that we are no further along than when we started. For some reason, it just wasn’t a good cycle. I didn’t respond to the medications well; only one side produced eggs. Then only 3 out of the 7 eggs fertilized. The quality of the eggs wasn’t the best, so they decided to transfer then sooner rather than later. Now Kyle and I are faced with the decision of what’s next. I think we will start to seriously look into adoption, and we will consider trying IVF one more time. Meanwhile, I would appreciate your prayers. Sometimes it just feels like I will never have a baby, but I know that isn’t the truth. I will continue to hold onto the word that the Lord gave me, this is my test, but it will be my testimony. So I know I will have a baby, it’s just a matter of how and when.