When we moved into our house, the landscaping was so bad, that we decided it would be better to go without. Then came the problem of perfectionism. I knew I could just plant some bushes and call it good, but I wanted more. So last Saturday I decided to go to a local nursery, instead of Home depot, and serendipitously found the answer to a lot of my landscaping problems. First of all, selection is key. This place has lots of options which is crucial when trying to landscape. Secondly, the owner, Shirley, has been doing this for over 40 years, and was more than willing to give me a lesson on landscaping. I left the nursery with a renewed confidence to attempt to landscape my front yard. Shirley left me with this bit of wisdom, ther are no rules with landscaping as long as you like it. Now instead of trying to find the perfect design and the perfect plants, I’m just going for it.

The first step in the landscaping process required that I take up two years worth of mulch. It was extremely hot and for a girl who is not used to manual labor, it was a bit of a challenge. As I’m raking and shoveling mulch, I thought if I were in a concentration camp then my life would depend on my ability to keep going. Then I thought to myself, live as if your life depended on it, because it does. Now I’m sure that’s not an original thought, but for me, profound. So I kept working with a renewed sense of commitment.

On another note, I admit it, I enjoy watching Oprah. It’s interesting and often entertaining, however, yesterday’s show just made me so mad. Oprah’s philosophy of life-“Live your own truth”. What? What is that? What about God’s truth? This world we live in is just continuing to buy into the lies of the enemy and our society just keeps accepting it as “truth”. Since when is sexual sin “personal truth”. The body of Christ needs so much more awareness and equipping to fight for truth. It made me want to support ministries like Exodus even more. Selfishly, I’m glad to know that Jesus is coming back soon, but I know that as joyful as that is to me, for so many it will be a day of regret.