Thankfully, my job is going very well. As I expected, the part-time status was short-lived. It’s kind of hard to be in management and not be there all the time. Somehow working full-time at this job isn’t as stressful. Granted I am still trying to figure out when to do laundry, buy groceries, and clean house, but thankfully I have help with those responsibilities. I know that I am very blessed to have a husband who helps out around the house. I guess I have his mom to thank for that.

There was an ethical issue that arose that was kind of challenging this week. Basicallly, we had homosexual male couples contacting our office requesting our services. This brings up enumerous issues-legally and ethically. The doctor and a few of the staff met, and it was totally looking like they couldn’t find a reason to not take care of this type of patient. I was really trying not to ignore my personal beliefs, but instead give alternative reasons why this wasn’t a good idea. At one point the doctor looked at me and asked is this going to be an issue that you may just walk out on. I explained that I hadn’t quite made a decision, but was trying to keep my personal beliefs in perspective yet maintain my professionalism. I was praying hard about what stand to take, and Friday I realized that I just needed to ask God to close that door and give the doctor wisdom. Friday night a friend at work called and said that she could tell that I wasn’t on board with the idea, yet I was being professional about the issue. She did more research, and found FDA regulations that inhibit us from taking care of this type of patient. PRAISE GOD! My prayers have been answered. He gave me the opportunity to explain my perspective but He relieved me from having to make a very difficult decision. It reminds me of the importance of our laws and the importance of the Christian community being active in developing our laws and regulations.