For those who want the details of our latest fertilty efforts-read on….

We decided to do another cycle of IUI (intrauterine Insemination). Instead of an oral medication (Clomid), I am taking an injectable stimulation medication called “Follistim”. Thankfully, needles don’t bother me, so giving myself a shot isn’t really a big deal. It ihas been a little strange working for my doctor. I realize that it really isn’t anything to him, it’s more my own insecurities. So I am getting over that real quick. Every few days I have had an ultrasound and bloodwork to monitor how well the follicles are developing. My last ultrasound on Thursday showed four follicles on the left. For those wondering what a follicle is, an egg develops in a follicle. Apparently, the right is on vacation. So tonight I give myself an HCG shot that helps prepare the ovaries to release the egg, and Monday is the big day-so everyone pray that this will be the time that God fulfills His promise.

The verse I am standing on, loosely translated Hebrews 11:11, “By faith I have received strength to conceive seed, even though the doctors have said that my womb is aged, because I have judged God to be faithful to His promise.” After Monday, begins the waiting game. I’ll keep everyone updated.