It has been a wonderful past few days. I know that some people don’t like telling people that they are pregnant until sometime has passed, but I think that sharing in the good news makes it so much more exciting. Everyone’s calls, e-mails, and prayers have just been so sweet.

I had my repeat HCG test done on Thursday, and was told that the numbers were good but not great. So we would need to recheck them in two days. Immediately, I felt that this was an attack of the enemy. God hasn’t just given us a pregnancy-He is giving us a child-this child. So I prayed that this child would be called into his/her destiny, and that included life here on earth.I told my parents and they prayed and believed. My dad said he felt such peace and confidence and encouraged me to not worry. The next day my mom was praying and asked God to give her a word of encouragement. That same day she received a Congratulatory card from a friend that included the scripture 1 Samuel 1:27 “For this child I prayed and the Lord granted me my petition which I asked of Him”.

I went into the clinic today confident that everything was fine-and of course my numbers had gone up. So the next official medical step is an OB ultrasound in a few weeks to find out ‘how many’! All I want is a healthy baby-but I’ll gladly accept a double portion, but triple? We may have some hesitancies-but that is why God gives women 9 months to at least adjust to the idea of being a mom. I don’t think there really is anything that prepares you for the responsibilities, sacrifices, and rewards of motherhood. But it’s nice to have lots of resources and friends to try to get ready.

So what started out being Kristy’s blog through infertility is now a blog through pregnancy. A new chapter begins…