My new job is going pretty well. As always, it has its challenges-the learning curve, managment issues, etc. Everyone is so nice though, and its great to finally be working in an environment that I feel supported and encouraged. My management responsibilities are a new skill for me to refine, but thankfully I inherited my dad’s analytical/organizational skills. Thanks dad!

On a spiritual note, the enemy has been working overtime! I have a heightened awareness of the battle that we face in the Spirit. God keeps asking, “Do you really trust me?” Because if we did REALLY trust Him, we would give Him our anxieties, our struggles, and concerns, and then trust that He took care of it. Sometimes I find myself giving a situation to Him, and then before I know it I’m worried about it. As I was worrying, the Lord just asked, “have you given this to Me?……….. then let Me have it.” I’m learning to trust. The word that I am holding onto is “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” The enemy has no weapon, no tactic that can harm us if we really do trust Him, So although the struggle is real, I am fighting harder than I have probably ever fought. I know that the battle is already won, but I am learning to trust that His purpose and process is greater than we can understand in the natural.