Ok, Ok, you got me, here it goes.

The Rules: Write an Blog entry about 5 Guilty Pleasures.
In the end you need to choose
five people to be tagged and list their names.
1. Chocolate-need I say more.
2. Massages, pedicures, etc-Have to agree with Caroline on this one-they are amazing.
3. Time unaccounted for-you know those days that you have all to yourself. You wake up in the morning with little to no agenda and you get to do whatever you like. If you feel like staying home in your pajamas all day or if you just go shopping and buy something you don’t really need… to do whatever you like, and no one can tell you otherwise. (Until your husband gets home and asks “what did you do today?”) That’s when the guilty part sets in.
4. sleeping in-I really wish I was a morning person, but I’m just not. I know that sleeping in isn’t even a possibility for all my mommy friends, and soon sleeping in will no longer be an option-but for now, I will enjoy it.
5. Scrapbooking- I like it all from buying supplies, to putting it all together. Some people may not relate, but for me it is my creative outlet and a chance to preserve precious memories.

I’m tagging…Katie, Jackie, Kyle, Vang (if you read this), and whoever else may read this!