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Posted on 01. May, 2006 by in Miscellaneous

For those who keep up with our pursuit of fertility…
Last March we went through another cycle of artificial insemination, and on March 27 we found out the good news that we had conceived. This time the hormone levels went up the way they should. . After losing our last pregnancy, we were cautiously excited, so we decided to not announce this pregnancy until we were a little further along. Two weeks ago we had our first ultrasound, it was a little early, so we didn’t get to see the heartbeat yet. A week later we had another ultrasound and we actually saw the heartbeat, but the baby hadn’t grown in length from the last ultrasound. I really believed that everything was going to be alright, that maybe it was just a bad measurement. The doctor said it’s a good sign that there is a heartbeat, but I’m guarded because it hasn’t grown. Disappointed but hopeful, we continued to wait.

Today we had another ultrasound, unfortunately there is no heartbeat, and it hasn’t grown at all. Today is nine weeks, but the baby only measures 6 weeks. Again, we face losing another baby. My mind is swimming with so many thoughts, and my heart feels numb. On one hand, I still feel in a state of shock, in another hand, the news doesn’t seem as traumatic because we have gone down this path before. I know God is faithful to His promise, I just didn’t know it was going to be this hard.

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