Last night we had our Nashville pastor and his family over for dinner. They prayed over us and the overwhelming sense in the room is “this isn’t over until it’s over”. God still has every capability to perform a miracle. Although I have accepted the possibility that God may choose a different path, I am believing and asking God to perform a miracle for ‘this’ baby. I’m not going to give up on my child-no matter what the doctor says.

So today I feel hopeful. I’m still pregnant. If it weren’t for the ultrasound and blood test I would be happily pregnant not knowing anything is possibly wrong. But I do know, and that is no reason to ignore the report, but it is reason to stand in faith and believe for a miracle. My life is a living testimony of God’s faithfulness and I know that this entire process is a way that I can give Him all the glory. I’m thankful for the trial, knowing that the promise is still true, and the blessing is still coming.